About us

Here at Reextech we do things differently. Reextech is one of the first store to accept cryptocurrency as payment. Our store is simple to use and you can shop quickly. We do not require any more customer details than required by law. Checkout is quick and simple.

Why are Crypto Currencies better than ‘real money’?

We believe Crypto Currencies are real money quite honestly as they hold a monetary value.

But how is it safer?

Every transaction that is sent through your chosen coins network is checked and verified against fraudulent payments several hundreds of times to verify that you have the correct funds to cover your purchase.

Overall this makes it cheaper for you, our customer.

Where there is so much fraud transaction protection built into the network of the coins we don’t need to verify payments; that’s done by the network and by our payment gateways so we know every payment has been checked hundreds of times over, not to mention this security means we can offer a lower price to our clients as in an online retail situation you get fraudulent payments all the time which could incur a loss for a company, as this is impossible with Crypto Currencies we can lower our price and pass savings on to you.

We really appreciate you checking out our site.